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Task Management

Tickets & Tasks

  • Create tickets easily by specifying only the subject.
  • Attach multiple documents and files when creating or while viewing a ticket.
  • Allow users to add actions to tickets which later can be used to generate timesheets.
  • Automatic ticket history so you can see what has been done on a ticket.
  • Managers can view all their employees tickets with one click. The higher up the heirarchy the manager is the more agents tickets they can view.
  • Ticket due date automatically highlights due and overdue tickets.
  • Users recieve automatic email notifications for tickets which are almost due and overdue.
  • Managers get automatically notified when a users ticket is almost due or overdue.
  • Assign tickets to projects and project milestones.
  • Automatic alerts when a ticket is assigned or completed.
  • Browse tickets easily using Yazu simple search and filtering.
  • Create scheduled tickets for recurring tasks or tasks in the future.
  • Close and delete multiple tickets using simple context menus.
  • Group tickets by client
  • View Assigned, Unassigned and overdue tickets with one click

Ticket Example
Report Example

Task Management


  • View Reports for Agents, Users, Client, Projects, Departments and Teams.
  • Progress reports give you a view into how each agent is performing.
  • Manager View gives managers an instant view of their employees progress.
  • View and generate timesheets for individual agents, departments, teams, projects and clients.
  • Colourful and animated charts graph your data.

Task Management

Loaded with additional features

  • Create projects to easily group projects, documents, tickets and agents.
  • View all project tickets easily in one place.
  • View project tickets by task or by milestone.
  • Project milestones and tasks allow for project phases.
  • Quickly assign teams of agents to your projects.
  • Attach documents to projects so all agents can easily view project related information.
  • Generate timesheets for project.
  • Easily configurable, Yazu enables you to easily adjust Yazu to fit your company's structure and way of working.
  • Create custom ticket types to group your tickets for your business.
  • Create custom security roles and allow agents to access only the features you specify.
  • Create teams of agents for your own department or project.
  • Create clients and embed Yazu on their sites with one line of code.
  • Create agent statuses to fine tune ticket progress and assign them to default actions

Ticket Example